President: Jackson Kennington

Vice President: Kinsley Price

Secretary: Hailee Rape

Treasurer: Kameron Cooper

                         Historian: Ethan Weir                        

Parliamentarian: Noah Williams

The school store has re-opened and offers pencils, erasers, and healthy snacks for students.

Pre-sharpened peel pencils                                                     $0.50

Designer pencils                                                                     $0.50

Rainbow bubble pencils                                                         $0.50

Mechanical pencils                                                                 $1.25

Scented pencils                                                                       $0.50

Specialty pencils                                                                     $0.75

Erasers                                                                                     $0.10

Jumbo erasers                                                                          $1.25


Sunchips                                                                                  $1.00

Fantastix - Cheetos                                                                  $1.00

Welch’s cherry fruit snacks                                                     $0.50

Welch’s mixed fruit snacks                                                     $0.50

Fruit Roll-Up                                                                           $0.50

48 oz. bag of beef jerky                                                           $2.00


Other items may become available throughout the year.